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A letter to customers

One third of the year 2020 has passed, no one thought that COVID-19 novel coronavirus would affect the world so severely. We would like to pay tribute to everyone who has contributed to the fight against the epidemic.
We are very grateful to be your supplier. In this challenging time, I hope we can help each other and tide over the difficulties together.

Canton Fair Delay:
Meeting with you in the spring Canton fair has to be postponed regrettable, I am sorry to inform you that this year's spring Canton fair will not be held on April 15-19 due to the epidemic.
Although we don’t have the exact time to hold the fair yet, we want to promise you that we will display at previous booth of Canton Fair(A2, central platform) after the epidemic controlled and send you the newest inform in advance. Before that, our salesperson are offering video, picture of products and technical support to you on line.
Production on time as usual:
There is no evidence that the virus will spread via goods, but as a precaution, we have sterilized the production workshop and materials, recorded the temperature of the workers every day, issued masks, etc., to ensure the operation of the manufacturing. in addition, Thanks to the good goodwill and the habit of preparing materials in advance, we still get the support from the material suppliers in difficult times, ensured the production schedule works on time, and no customer suffers long delays. Please have faith in OUBER.
We are concerned that more stringent regulatory measures have been adopted in many countries, please take good care of yourself. Every employee of OUBER is your friend and will pray for you and your family silently. In the meantime, welcome to inform your next plan and demand to your exclusive salesperson,
No matter preparing goods in advance or delaying the plan, smooth communication enables us to have better cooperation. You are also welcome to contact the general manager Ms. Huang directly to share your judgment on the situation or obtain other assistance:
Please believe that the darkness will pass and the dawn will come!
Best wishes!
April 6, 2020

Please let’s know your enquiry and we’ll reply you within 24 hours


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Annie Huang (Sales manager)

Annie Huang (Sales manager)
Cel: +86-139 0256 8863
Tel: +86-0757-2362 3068
Email: aircooler@ouber.com

Lucy Luo (Sales manager)

Lucy Luo (Sales manager)
Cel: +86 180 3887 9175
Tel: +86-0757-2223 1278
Email: Lucy@ouber.com

Fiona Wang(Sales Assistant)
Cel: +86 180 2817 1738
Tel: +86-0757-2362 3068
Email: Fiona@ouber.com

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