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ISO9001 certificate has been renewed

OUBER's ISO9001 certificates has been renewed.
OUBER Air Cooler is a professional evaporative air cooler manufacturer. We are the supplier of many famous brand all around the world.
We pay attention to the product quality and the production process. There is at least 3 tests to make sure every product are qualified to deliver.
Also we care about the environment. Use environmentally friendly materials without compromising performance.
We know that an excellent factory management system is also an important factor in ensuring products and services, OUBER air cooler will maintain a rigorous attitude, learn advanced systems, and maintain technological leadership and market share.
OEM/distributor/Agent…Partnership Wanted
email: aircooler@ouber.com

email: aircooler@ouber.com

Please let’s know your enquiry and we’ll reply you within 24 hours


OUBER Air Cooler & Ventilation Co., Ltd.

Addr.: No.2/32, East Road, Xiashi Industrial Zone, Lunjiao, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, China.
Tel: +86 0757 2362 3068
OEM: +86 0757 2223 1278
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Email: aircooler@ouber.com

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Annie Huang (Sales manager)

Annie Huang (Sales manager)
Cel: +86-139 0256 8863
Tel: +86-0757-2362 3068
Email: aircooler@ouber.com

Lucy Luo (Sales manager)

Lucy Luo (Sales manager)
Cel: +86 180 3887 9175
Tel: +86-0757-2223 1278
Email: Lucy@ouber.com

Fiona Wang(Sales Assistant)
Cel: +86 180 2817 1738
Tel: +86-0757-2362 3068
Email: Fiona@ouber.com

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