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Promotion Activity in Shunfengshan Park

Project name: The cooling plan of Promotion Activity in Shunfengshan Park

Product model: MCB08-EQ

Shunfengshan Park, is the Shunfengshan Park with the largest memorial archway in Asia, which often holds various activities.

OUBER would accept the challenge of outdoor environment cooling, and the location is Shunfengshan Park this time, where an outdoor activity would be held, which required OUBER to cool the site. OUBER observed the cooling shed, promotional podium and the audience seat below, and this time MCB08-EQ mobile air coolers were used. A total of 20 MCB08-EQ mobile air coolers are arranged at the event site. The maximum airflow of this mobile air cooler can reach 3500m3/h with centrifugal wind turbine volute, metal panel, concentrated air outlet, and a 120-degree wide angle placement, providing a large area cooling for the personnel at the promotion event site. This has received unanimous praise from the organizers and the representatives of students and enterprises present.

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Annie Huang (Sales manager)
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